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I’m excited to share a couple of articles and interviews about my work published in Marie Claire (Italy) and Las Últimas Noticias (Chile) in August 2023.

Marie Claire
Las Últimas Noticias

In other news:

  • And this fall I’ll be coming back to THE OTHER ART FAIR presented by Saatchi Art in:
21 – 24 September


    November 9 – 12

    MTA Arts & Design Program in NYC

    I’m excited to share this news with all of you: as you might know, my Time Lapse Project is about how much life happens on a single spot, and I couldn’t think of a better place to show it than a wall in the subway system of NYC...

    MTA Arts & Design commissions dynamic contemporary art for subway and commuter rail stations, creating memorable and lively environments for travelers:

    "Xan Padrón’s Photography Lightbox exhibition “Time-Lapse” is now on view at 42 St-Bryant Park station. Combining street photography with a sensibility rooted in modern art, seven images document the small, collective gestures of daily life in the ecosystem of a city. To develop each artwork, Padrón took photographs of people passing in front of the same wall over a period of two hours. Through digital manipulation, the colorful vignettes create a portrait of a distinct day and place. Quotidien moments from Chinatown, the Hudson River Park, the Flatiron District, Tribeca, Midtown, Greenwich Village and the West Village, are represented in a film-strip-like arrangement, implying motion and narrative. A color field is derived from a repeating background, and repetition of form draws the eye to details that provide context to the images, such as the presence of masks during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic or speckles of water during a rainy day. While the exhibition focuses on Manhattan, the artist has used this approach to create photographs of cities worldwide, including London, Beijing, Sydney, Trinidad, Berlin, Paris, and Medellín.
    The exhibition is generously sponsored by DUGGAL NYC and KODAK PROFESSIONAL  

    MTA Arts & Design 

    Spring 2023 Art Fairs

    I’m excited to be back to The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art. During the Spring of 2023 I’ll be in LA, Chicago, Dallas and New York, together with amazing fellow artist and friends from all around the world. These fairs have always been an important part of my career, I love meeting new artists, new collectors and art lovers, and I love the international team behind them. If you are around these cities and would like to visit the fair, I have a limited number of complimentary tickets, so don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail (or a DM on Instagram) to check their availability. 

    Spring 2023 Schedule:

    LOS ANGELES: The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art
    March 30 – April 2, 2023
    Barker Hangar, Santa Monica 

    CHICAGO: The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art
    April 27 – 30, 2023
    Artifact Events 

    DALLAS: The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art
    May 11 – 14, 2023
    Dallas Market Hall 

    NEW YORK CITY: The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art
    May 18 - 21
    Brooklyn Navy Yard 

    “Sound and Sight: A Duet”, an exhibition in collaboration with nAscent Art New York and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

    I'm so happy to be part of this beautiful initiative that brings together my two passions:

    Inspired by an ongoing partnership with the noted Brooklyn Conservatory of Music in their cutting-edge Music Therapy program, The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights gallery presents “Sound and Sight: A Duet”, an exhibition in collaboration with nAscent Art New York and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.nd Sight: A Duet”, an exhibition in collaboration with nAscent Art New York and Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

    “Sound and Sight: A Duet” brings creative conversations to life between eight artworks and eight original musical compositions by visual artists and musicians in the New York City area.“Sound and Sight: A Duet” brings creative conversations to life between eight artworks and eight original musical compositions by visual artists and musicians in the New York City area.

    Click on the image above to learn more.

    The Immediate Image at Holden Luntz Gallery in Palm Beach, FL April 23 – June 18, 2022

    From left to right: Xan Padrón, Lawrence Schiller, Harry Benson, Joyce Tenneson and Michael Eastman

    On April 23rd I was honored and humbled to be part of the opening of this incredible exhibition at the Holden Luntz Gallery. Surrounded by photographers I’ve admired all my life, like Harry Benson, Lawrence Schiller, Joyce Tennyson and Michael Eastman… I was able to see this show in person, to spend some time with them and with the Holden and Blazing families, and to admire the force and the beauty of their beautiful work produced on Chromaluxe Dye-Sub Aluminum.

    The exhibit is on until June 18th, so if you are in Florida, make sure to stop by! More info and catalogue below:

    “The Exhibition features 10 iconic artists and over 40 pieces of artwork all produced on Chromaluxe Dye-Sub Aluminum. Chromaluxe sponsored this exhibition and partnered with Blazing Editions & Holden Luntz to bring this beautiful collection to life. “ “The current show highlights exceptional photographs that expand the medium's boundaries by incorporating technological advancements. These unique photographs, regularly printed on paper, are now produced in the sublimated aluminum process, enhancing the resonance of their photographic work, broadening the printing capabilities within the fields of portraiture, fashion, photojournalism, and landscape photography.”

    Holden Luntz Gallery: Dialogues with Great Photographers

    Holden Luntz Gallery

    Holden Luntz gallery has conducted a series of discussions with many of the contemporary photographers that they represent. They are original interviews that cannot be found anywhere else. Photographers’ motivations and personal insights can increase the viewer’s appreciation of their work.

    Click on the image above to read the full interview.

    Solo Exhibiton at YJContemporary

    March 2022

    I’m incredibly happy to be working with Blazing Editions for this unique solo exhibition at their gallery in East Greenwich, RI. Take a look to this video and check out the amazing quality of the Dye Sublimation Onto Aluminum by Blazing Editions.

    Solo Exhibition in Ourense, Galicia

    I am really thrilled to have a solo show in my hometown in Galicia, Spain. A total of 30 works in different sizes and materials, divided in two main themes: pre and post COVID-19 works. The space for the exhibition, Centro Cultural José Ángel Valente is incredibly beautiful. The show will be up until January 2022

    WTFOLKS Exhibition at Pfizer Historical Building

    Presented by COPE NYC and beautifully curated by Vida Sabbaghi this exhibition will be on view until March 2022 at exhibition “WTFOLKS” at 630 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, NYC. I feel honored to be part of it, and to share the room with the amazing artists Christian Fair and Will Kurtz.

    Wall Street International Magazine reviewClick on Image to Read Article

    Personal Networks - Cambridge University Press

    Honored to have one of my pieces as the cover of this volume of Personal Networks: Classic Readings and New Directions in Egocentric Analysis

    Pescosolido, B., & Smith, E. (2021). Personal Networks: Classic Readings and New Directions in Egocentric Analysis (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences) (M. Small & B. Perry, Eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108878296

    New England Review Vol. 42, No. 1 (2021)

    I’m excited that my 2014 photo “Joven Habana Vieja” is featured in the cover of the incredible literary magazine New England Review  Volume 42.1.  New design, essays, stories, and poems—from Susan Daitch, Carl Dennis, Matthew Lansburgh, Charif Shanahan, and more!  

    It's always a joy to collaborate. Thanks!

    The Other Art Fair Virtual Edition. Global launch, March 10-14

    I would like to invite you to the global launch of the virtual edition of The Other Art Fair on March 10-14. This will be a great opportunity to virtually visit this 3D environment with 75 TOAF artists from all over the world. You will be able to navigate the Fair, visit individual booths, chat to artists in real time, join workshops, talks, tours and many other features. I will be bringing new works from both pre-COVID-19 times, and also from NYC’s new landscape in 2020 and 2021. I have been documenting the city during this pandemic and It is amazing how the human presence in the streets of New York City has changed… Click on the image below and register online for free early access and unlock exclusive features

    “We the People” and “Baker’s Global Rainbow”

    We the People

    Ever since I started with the process of becoming a naturalized US citizen I began to play with the idea of recreating the US flag. Since I’m based in New York City and that’s the city I’ve documented the most, I started this process in my neighborhood, the West Village, at the red wall I photographed so much over the years, and then I began to look for a blue wall and a white one and once I found them I just stayed there taking pictures of people walking in the neighborhoods I inhabit ... It was a fascinating process for me, New York City is just a universe in itself and creating this flag in the city where millions of immigrants (like me) became locals, was my way of trying to visualize the “We" as opposed to the “I”. No matter how divided we think we are, we still are a community of people sharing a space in the world, and a way of life…



    Baker's Global Rainbow“Baker’s Global Rainbow” uses the colors of the original rainbow flag designed by artist Gilbert Baker to honor the San Francisco Gay Freedom Parade in 1978. The design of the original flag had eight colors, each one with its own symbolism, but because of practical matters, two of those colors disappeared to give rise to the flag that we have today: a six-color rainbow. This Time Lapse was created during the pandemic, with material I had from previous pieces, with images of random people passing by some of the walls featured in pieces from New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Sidney and Los Angeles.

    NYC COVID Time Lapses

    During the summer of 2020, I was able to return to New York City, where I reside, and I began documenting this moment through its almost empty streets... The city has deeply changed. Face masks, no tourists in the streets, people working from home, many residents fled pushed by the uncertainty caused by the pandemic... The human landscape of New York City has changed dramatically and so did the behavior of those living here during COVID times. This collection is an ongoing work, which I hope helps us remember how vulnerable we are, while also serving as a reminder of New Yorkers’ epic resilience and hope.

    Time Lapse. Snow day, Midtown, NYC
    Time Lapse. Theater District, NYC
    Time Lapse. Grove Street In the rain, West Village, NYC
    Time Lapse. Broadway and Washington Place, NYC
    Time Lapse. SoHo, Greene St November 2020
    Time Lapse. Hell's Kitchen, NYC

    Brittany Ferries' Galicia

    French and Spanish ferry operator Brittany Ferries unveiled the latest addition to its fleet, Galicia wich will serve routes linking Portsmouth and Santander (northern Spain) and Portsmouth and Cherbourg (Normandy). The ship is full with art featuring the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the region that bears her name. I am honored that two works from my Time Lapse series and several other works from my project Where I Come From are hanging on the walls in different rooms inside the ship, alongside the works of a group of talented artists whose amazing works invite passengers to take a journey through the towns, countryside and coastlines of northern Spain.

    Time Lapse. Lemonheads COVID-19 Special Edition

    During my confinement in Galicia I couldn't stop doing, making and creating, and although I knew that everything I was creating was ephemeral, the process of making it brought me so much joy and hope that I began experimenting with things I had around me. You can see the results in these two pieces: the “Time Lapse Series: Lemonheads COVID 19 Special Edition”, with lemons and branches from our lemon tree “passing by” and old door, and “The secret life of Lemonheads” a real imaginary building in which one could just imagine the secret life of this magical and unique community: the Lemonheads :)

    PholoLA 2020

    It was an honor to be part of the 28th edition of PhotoLA with the amazing Susan Spiritus Gallery at the historic Barker Hangar, Santa Monica from January 30th - February 2nd, 2020. A curated selection of more than 60 local and international galleries and art organizations offering an extensive selection of classic and contemporary photographic works. 

    #artonlink NYC

    #ArtOnLink showcases local artists creating work that celebrates life in NYC. The scenes, people, icons, and sentiments showcased represent NYC and create an immediate connection between the art and the city for citygoers and visitors alike.

    I'm so excited my work will be featured in 1.700+ Link digital kiosks across NYC's five boroughs. Keep an eye and feel free to send me a pic if you spot one!

    P.S.: Thanks to Sabela and Carlos for sending me this images. Love you guys!

    Pictura Gallery at the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts

    DECEMBER 6th, 2019– FEBRUARY 1st, 2020 CENTER Award Winners Exhibition. Pictura Gallery hosted the 2019 Santa Fe CENTER Award Winners Exhibition! The show featured works by 15 national and international photographers.


    Race, Class and Gender in the United States. Eleventh Edition 2020I couldn’t be more honored to have my pieces in the cover of some of these books and magazines, including the 11th Edition of Paula Rothenberg's anthology "Race, Class, and Gender in the United States", which includes "writings from the founders and leaders of key contemporary social movements (Tarana Burke on the metoo movement; Alicia Garza on Black Lives Matter; and Gaby Pacheco on the Dreamers)"
    PRISM InternationalPRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, British Columbia, whose office is located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm people. Their mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world.
    Zeit Wissen MagazineZeit Wissen is a bi-monthly popular science magazine published in Germany. The magazine is spun off from the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit. The German phrase "Zeit Wissen" literally translates to "Time-Knowledge," and refers to the up-to-the-minute nature of the magazine's subject matter and focus (from Wikipedia). In this article scientist Nicholas Christakis interviewed by Zeit Wissen: “Humanity is good”
    New England ReviewNEW ENGLAND REVIEW is an award-winning literary journal publishing the best contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry four times a year.
    PHOTOWORLD CHINAPhoto World magazine was founded by the China's national news agency - Xinhua News Agency - in 1973. It is one of the most influential photography magazines in China. As a monthly magazine,They aim to introduce photography concepts, excellent photographers and their works at home and abroad. They also bring industry information and press to Chinese readers.