Xan Padrón

NYC COVID Time Lapses

During the summer of 2020, I was able to return to New York City, where I reside, and I began documenting this moment through its almost empty streets... The city has deeply changed. Face masks, no tourists in the streets, people working from home, many residents fled pushed by the uncertainty caused by the pandemic... The human landscape of New York City has changed dramatically and so did the behavior of those living here during COVID times. This collection is an ongoing work, which I hope helps us remember how vulnerable we are, while also serving as a reminder of New Yorkers’ epic resilience and hope.

Time Lapse. Snow day, Midtown, NYC
Time Lapse. Theater District, NYC
Time Lapse. Grove Street In the rain, West Village, NYC
Time Lapse. Broadway and Washington Place, NYC
Time Lapse. SoHo, Greene St November 2020
Time Lapse. Hell's Kitchen, NYC